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Who We Are

Our principals have been working with lasers since 1981 and in healthcare since 1987.


We were established in 2000 with a business plan to provide service to the OEM as well as all types of medical disciplines and facilities. We currently have an install base of more than 3500 laser systems in 6 countries.

We are an exclusive Cooperative Service Partner (CSP) with several of the largest medical laser OEM companies and provides services to numerous asset management, biomedical groups and healthcare companies.


Since 2010, American Biomedical is the designated OEM for all Diomed D15 EVLT and 630 PDT laser systems. This designation sets us apart from the industry being an OEM in addition to being an ISO. 


Our comprehensive Quality Assurance Program exceeds all QARA expectations of OEMs and ISOs. 

Contact us for more information on Service, Sales, Training and more
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