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American Biomedical Corporation advanced surgical fiber optic purchasing program

ABC has entered into a partnership with one of the largest and premier fiber optic manufacturers in the medical laser field. Our program will allow all levels of users from the periodic to the daily users to realize up to 50% cost savings on any type of urology fibers. One fixed price for all diameters with added incentives for the larger group purchasing organizations.

Please click on the cross reference table with your current vendor part numbers and ours with the pricing and estimated cost savings.

Our fibers are manufactured in accordance with all OEM specs and are fully FDA approved. Our partner is the current supplier to most of the vendors you utilize today.

Copy of American Biomedical Corp Fiber O

Our advanced designs increase fiber performance and allow for more flexibility at higher powers which enhance the use of the newer “dusting” technologies supplied to medicine today. Please visit our website or feel free to contact our office for all the information you will need to get started reducing your current fiber expense budgets.

To purchase or inquire about any laser systems, contact us today at

(978) 410-4352 or email:

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